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A promising future is only possible if our young people
“learn to be leader”


Globally, the framework for 21st century learning has recognized the need to interweave leadership skills with based education. Research has now established that students with exposure to leadership skills have shown better learning outcome.

The founders of the Foundation for Capability Building (FCB), a not-for-profit organization recognized this unmet need and created its flagship program “LEAAD – Leadership Enrichment for Adolescents through Assessment & Development”.


LEAAD also believes that demonstration of leadership traits is the key to success in one’s chosen domain and that leadership trait can be developed during adolescent stage.

This is achieved by our professionally and scientifically tested methods viz. online psychometric testing, development labs, action projects, leadership camps, etc. The concept, method, tools and content are developed & copyrighted by our knowledge partner M/S Naman Integrated Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

The results we have achieved have been witnessed by Shri Ratan Tata, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, (CMD, Biocon Limited), Ms. Avantika Singh (Collector & DM), Prof. Y. K. Alagh (Former Union Minister), Mr. Georg H. Sparschuh (President, SCHOTT Glass India Pvt. Ltd.) & Mr. Abhishek Jain (Noted film maker) since 2013.

We at LEAAD enable our adolescents move into promising lands of the future from their very own doorstep. Thereby they are able to influence their lives right from where they are.

LEAAD strongly focuses on sustenance through assessment and continuous development. Based on this operating philosophy, extensive pilot research for more than four years by qualified psychologists and basis inputs from globally renowned Positive Youth Development Framework of Richard M. Learner; LEAAD conceived following 4C Model to develop leadership capabilities amongst adolescents:


Come see for yourself to know how our programs are achieved and thus how it can help you get to where you need to be.


LEAAD learner today, Leader tomorrow...


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