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LEAAD works with many students throughout the year. Since the space is limited, sharing the latest interesting story with you…

God has gifted us all with a fixed set of abilities. But there are some special children of the almighty who are specially abled. Though they are physically less complete but their abilities are no less than those of the accomplished.

There comes story of two little girls, students at Bhayli kanya shala Vadodara. Somehow because of their being specially abled they did not have much acceptance amongst their class mates and school as a whole. They did not have many friends and this had somewhere created a lack of confidence in their tender minds.

Team LEAAD during their program LEAAD EK PAHEL noticed the same and made an attempt to overcome the challenge faced by the two for the emotional need of acceptance and friendship. As and when the scenario came to the notice of the team they started motivating the two by, helping them participate in the activities of the program. This created an enthusiasm among the two and they themselves began to take initiative for participation. Looking at this, other students also started supporting the two. Now even they had some friends who were ready to help them and stand by their side in times of need. The two little girls felt accomplished now. On the last and final day i.e. the 5th day of the program where the DUS KA DAM team is chosen and the students are awarded with batches, in addition to the chosen team of students those two girls were also awarded. This filled the both with tremendous joy and happiness. They were so over whelmed with over all experience of the 5 days that their feelings came out in form of tears when the LEAAD team left the premise. This incident made a permanent mark on the heart of the team to cherish for life. They succeeded to make impact, they succeeded to bring change, they succeeded to teach equality and acceptance , they succeeded to bring out leadership skills The team LEAAD actually lead.

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