Action Projects

  1. DiUi (Digital India United India)
  2. Take a Stand, Lend a Hand (SOP)
  3. No Abuse Zone - To Cope with your Tormentors
  4. eQuality Career Club
  5. Vision Shaping
  6. Im not Average
  7. Tech Addict
  8. MR Issue
  9. Step the smoke (Smile OK, Please)
  10. Teaching Old People to Use Internet
  11. Sex Education for Teenagers
  12. Junk Food popularity relies on Marketing
  13. Empowerment of Under Priviledged girls through Education
  14. Standing Against CSA
  15. Braille keyboard for Blind
  16. Todays Reader is Tomorrow's Leader
  17. Consumer Awarness
  18. Organic Waste is Always Helpful
  19. Mobile Phone : An Electronic Drug
  20. E- Waste Management
  21. Say Hello To Hygiene
  22. Humanity
  23. Self- Esteem Of Adolescent Girls
  24. Bachpan Ek sapna
  25. Make Them Your Valentine
  26. Ek Udaan Shiksha Ki Oor
  27. No more victims on the road
  28. Income tax awareness among vendors for their
  29. Socio-economic development
  30. Roshni …Diye KI
  31. Junk food-an evil we love
  32. Public Health
  33. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  34. Converting Plastic to Electricity
  35. Reducing Wastage of Food
  36. Save a life
  37. Warm Hands In Cold Hands
  38. Plastic is pollution
  39. A killer in disguise-Gutkha
  40. Computer course in government schools
  41. Open Library Government School
  42. Aatmraksha-Sabse Badi Suraksha
  43. BACK TO REALITY- De-addiction to technology
  44. Soch-ek pehal swachatta ki oor
  45. SMOKING- The Silent killer
  46. poverty in India
  47. PARENTING The art of preserving
  48. Use of Bio-Degradable Material for a Healthy Environment on Earth
  49. Solar Chlorine Bulbs
  50. Steps Towards Brightness (Vocational Training)
  51. E- Waste Management
  52. Self- Esteem Of Adolescent Girls
  53. Bachpan Ek sapna
  54. Ek Udaan Shiksha Ki Oor
  55. Roshni …Diye KI
  56. Public Health
  57. reducing wastage of food
  58. Save a life
  59. Warm Hands In Cold Hands
  60. Plastic is pollution
  61. A killer in disguise-Gutkha
  62. Computer course in government schools
  63. Open Library Government School
  64. Aatmraksha-Sabse Badi Suraksha
  65. Soch-ek pehal swachatta ki oor
  66. poverty in India
  67. Solar Chlorine Bulbs
  68. Steps Towards Brightness (Vocational Training)
  69. Vartan Ma Parivartan- Swachta Nu Avartan
  70. Trafic Rules
  71. Value Education
  72. Innovation
  73. Vision Board
  74. Importance Of Education
  75. Child Labour…The Silent Killer
  76. Quacks or the unscruplus Doctors
  77. Obesity in Vadodara- (A Survey)
  78. Women Empowerment
  79. Save Girl Child
  80. Tree Plantation & Save Environment
  81. Seed Link
  82. Taking care & respecting our senior citizens
  83. Decrease Sucide in Youth
  84. Media Violence -We are training our kids to kill
  85. Save Energy
  86. Digital India
  87. Water Conservation
  88. Abolishment of Corruption
  89. Health is Wealth
  90. Green Décors
  91. Oldies to Boldies
  92. Leave Tobacco, Live life
  93. Love in search of love
  94. Jaago Grahak Jaago
  95. "Smoke away your worries, Not your lungs"
  96. Desh ki Yojna, sab ki Yojna
  97. Listen to your Heart
  98. The Stress Free Diet
  99. Deadly Pathogens
  100. Vulnerable Van
  101. Killing em' With Kindness
  102. Tech for Teen
  103. God on Earth!
  104. Women's Health Everyone's Wealth
  105. Value of Nutrition
  106. I care for my Eyes, Do?!!!
  107. Badati ka naam hai Aaurat
  108. For those who can't fit in
  109. Un-limited Dreams
  110. Power of One
  111. Women for Future, Women for Earth, then also Abused
  112. Is it necessary to give children all the rights??
  113. Cut the Greed not the Tree
  114. Food is a weapon, don’t waste it
  115. A Helping Hand for Divyang..!
  116. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
  117. Towering Achievement
  118. Plastic Hatao Duniya Bachao
  119. Stop Child Labour
  120. Net Neutrality
  121. Maintaenance of Clean Road
  122. To impart holistic education of boys to make a safer environment for girls to live
  123. Stop wastage of Food
  124. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
  125. Don’t act blindly treat animals kindly
  126. Today's Wastage tomorrow's Shortage
  1. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao
  2. You Are Not Alone
  3. Child Labour
  4. Banking on India's Future
  5. Innovative Waste Management Methodology for a Typical Housing Society (E-Waste)
  6. Say No to the Plastic, Be Eco- Friendly
  7. For your Health you must Fight, Its your Right!!
  8. Humanity-A Return Gift to the Creator of Mankind
  9. Peer Pressure
  10. Domestic Waste Management.. A Green Revolution!!
  11. Be keen to go Green
  12. Game Craze
  13. The essentiality of Helmet
  14. Promote our Feathered Beauties…Our Exotic Birds
  15. Dadima ke Nuske.Home remedies for health problems
  16. Don’t be Drastic; Say No to Plastic
  17. Hygiene or Diseases?
  18. Cyber bully: A silent killer
  19. Boycott China
  20. Mosquitoes: The little evil
  21. Feed the Need
  22. Positive adoption of smart phone for senior citizens
  23. Incorporation of Technology (Tablets) in the CBSE Schools of Baroda
  24. Saving to Empower Future
  25. Be a Hero..Donate Blood
  26. Don’t throw food away recycle for another day
  27. Har bache ke hath me pustak
  28. Child is meant to learn no to earn
  29. Blood Donation- it is important
  30. Civics Sense on Road!!
  31. Organ Donation
  32. Swach Bharat Abhiyan
  33. A killer in disguise- Tobacco & Alcohol
  34. Each one teach one
  35. Osteoporosis & ways to prevent it
  36. Power of focus for students
  37. Drug Abuse
  38. Shiksha Hai Toh Bhiksha Nahi
  39. Pollution free world -Go Eco, Go cycling-A step towards better tomorrow...
  40. Mission Swacchagraha (Cleanliness)
  41. Live After You Die (Organ Donation)
  42. Role of youth in devloping India as a super power
  43. Knock Knock whose there? Hygiene!!
  44. Rising problem due to traffic signal which are ignored
  45. Divyang Dost
  46. Vacci Safe
  47. Mosquites, the most harmful beings of life
  48. Green the Way
  49. Say No to Tobacco
  50. Touch the soil, smell the grass
  51. POSE- Power of Solar Energy
  52. LED Bulbs
  53. "Joy of Giving"
  54. Self Hygiene
  55. My Educate Program
  56. Bhavishya Bachao, Pani Bachao
  57. Controlling Pollution
  58. Greener Today, Brighter Tomorrow
  59. Give Education to Poor Children
  60. Growing more plants
  61. Anti Bully
  62. Don’t throw it away it can be used some other way
  63. Stepping Beyond Raw Soil
  64. Women: The Architects of Society
  65. Revamping a Village
  66. Awareness about medicines
  67. Spread Hygiene not Disease!!
  68. Give a voice to the voiceless
  69. Just Eat it or Give it
  70. Each one Teach one!
  71. Be the reason someone Smiles today!!
  72. Law & Women - Hither to Unknown
  73. Casteism in Education
  74. Net Neutrality
  75. Hello to new Public Distribution System
  76. Over usage of Internet and Mobile Phones
  77. Study buddy
  78. Kkagaj ki kasti
  79. ADHD- Disability or Differntiability
  80. Zindagi "Yoga ki najar se"
  81. Time to Mooove…
  82. Obesity
  83. C.L.A.D.
  84. Criticism-Will it really hamper the growth of genuine talent?
  85. Jawano Hum Tumhare Sath He!!
  86. Self- Esteem & Body Image Problems amongst Teenagers
  87. Community Food Storage Unit
  88. Live After Life
  89. Am I Safe?
  90. Ghar ka Khana..
  91. Heritage Craft: Crafting the Future
  92. Juvenile Justice League
  93. Caring for Senior Citizens
  94. A world led by Young minds
  95. Waste Segregation
  96. A Necessity (Child awareness and safety)
  97. Sensitizing Young Minds
  98. Dare : A step Against Sexual Exploitation
  99. Save Humanity
  100. Cleanliness
  101. Innovation
  102. Success In life
  103. Importance of Education
  104. Net Neutrality
  105. Hello to new Public Distribution System
  106. Over usage of Internet and Mobile Phones
  107. Study buddy
  108. Kkagaj ki kasti
  109. ADHD- Disability or Differntiability
  110. Zindagi "Yoga ki najar se"
  111. Time to Mooove…
  112. Obesity
  113. C.L.A.D.
  114. Criticism-Will it really hamper the growth of genuine talent?
  115. Jawano Hum Tumhare Sath He!!
  116. Self- Esteem & Body Image Problems amongst Teenagers
  117. Community Food Storage Unit
  118. Live After Life
  119. Am I Safe?
  120. Ghar ka Khana..
  121. Heritage Craft: Crafting the Future
  122. Juvenile Justice League
  123. Caring for Senior Citizens
  124. A world led by Young minds
  125. And many more...

Action Project
Action Project
Action Project

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