LEAAD Awards is open for which all grades?

LEAAD Award is open for students from 8th to 11th Grades.

I registered for LEAAD Awards in previous academic years. Am I eligible to participate again?

Yes, as long as you are in studying in 8th to 11th Grade.

I was winner of LEAAD Awards in previous year. Am I eligible to participate again?

Yes, as long as you are in studying in 8th to 11th Grade.

I did not complete LEAAD Award process in previous years. Am I eligible to participate?

Yes, as long as you are in studying in 8th to 11th Grade.

I am not studying in English Medium School. Am I eligible?

LEAAD Awards are currently offered only to students studying in English Medium schools.

If I am the only student interested from my school or my village / town / city, can I participate?

Yes. Any student from 8th to 11th Grades from Gujarat can participate.

I am studying in Concept / Open School. Can I participate in LEAAD Awards?

Yes. Any student from 8th to 11th Grades can participate.

Registration & Login

How do I register for the LEAAD Awards?

Online registration on WWW.LEAAD.ORG is to be filled up by either student or parent or school or by LEAAD office representative.
Payment of registration fees

How do I pay registration fees?

a. By paying at my school office
b. Through website
c. In person at LEAAD Office

Are there registration charges for the LEAAD Awards?

Yes. Rs. 350

Award Process

What is the process for selection of winners in LEAAD Awards?

a. Online psychometric test LEAAD Test 2.0
b. Attendance in LEAAD Camp
c. Action project planning submission
d. Action project execution
e. Acton project document submission
f. Presentation to Jury

What are the criteria for selecting winners?

a. LEAAD Test 2.0 Score
b. LEAAD Camp Score
c. Action Project Planning
d. Action Project Execution and Usage of Social Media
e. Action Project Report Quality
f. Jury Presentation

What are the benefits of participating in LEAAD Awards?

Participants develop several leadership and management skills through various stages. It enhances confidence and competence of the participants. Some of the qualities that get enhanced include:
1. Communication
2. Public Speaking
3. Decision Making
4. Critical Thinking
5. Interpersonal Relationships
6. Problem Solving
7. Team Building
8. Networking
9. Innovation
10. Self Management
11. Time Management
12. Project Management
13. Resource Management


When are the next LEAAD Awards?

LEAAD Awards is an annual event and will commence every year around the month of July.

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